Product Legality ⚖️

Buy / Re-sell with Confidence
Are all the products legal?

All items displayed for sale on this website contain less than 0.2% THC and contain no other prohibited substance, thus are completely legal to purchase in Malta and within the EU at the time of this writing.
Please always double check product legality for your specific destination country to make sure you have a positive experience.

AromaticBuds is a registered company, and all our business operations abide to any present legislations and regulations.

Is it legal to re-sell your products to make profit?

Since our products are all completely legal in Malta & EU, re-sale is not prohibited given that you abide to your country's regulations. Re-branding our products with your brand may only be allowed after consulting with us first.

We are more than happy to work with enthusiastic resellers, you can view more information & special wholesale offers here ➡️

Is it legal to ship the items to my country?

Since all our products are all 100% legal there will be no legal issue whatsoever to have them shipped to your desired location.
Furthermore, all items are packaged in a discrete way and no mention of the contents is written on the outside of the package. This will ensure smooth, fast and reliable deliveries all over Malta & Europe.

Our Products are all 100% legal throughout the EU.

Any More Questions?

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