Payment Options 💳

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What payment options can I use?

We accept Bitcoin ₿, VISA and Revolut Payments. If you want to pay
via any other means kindly contact us directly on and we will consider your proposal.

How do I buy Bitcoin and pay for my order?

Follow the easy steps in the link below to buy Bitcoin ⤵️
How to BUY Bitcoin🔗
Follow the easy steps in the link below to pay us with Bitcoin ⤵️
How to PAY with Bitcoin🔗

Why should I pay in Bitcoin ₿?

AromaticBuds believes in freedom of finance, and we strongly support decentralized currencies like Bitcoin.
We will be announcing Special discounts and other great benefits when paying for your order via Bitcoin.

How will I know that the order is in?

You will receive a confirmation email.

Any More Questions?

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