Harm Reduction

A Responsible Approach

Our Mission

As the leading Maltese Cannabinoid Shop

Part of our mission is to ensure an optimal responsible approach through accurate information, transparency, and community engagement.

We strive to provide scientific information, support harm reduction strategies, and encourage responsible practices.

By fostering a culture of mindfulness, safety, and informed decision-making, we aim to empower individuals to make responsible adult choices and minimize the potential risks of possible issues.

Is cannabis safe in Malta
Is cannabis safe in Malta

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Self-Exclusion Program

A self-exclusion program is a voluntary initiative designed to help individuals with particular issues control their behavior by excluding themselves from purchasing from our online shop for a definite time period. Customers can choose to exclude themselves for a period of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

This program aims to provide support and a barrier to prevent customers from compulsive purchases, allowing them time and space to address their issues when needed.

One can opt in the self-exclusion program by sending us an email titled 'Self-exclusion program' on info@aromaticbuds.com. Details provided shall include; full name, phone number & proposed exclusion duration.

This is part of our collective initiative to promote responsibility & implement strict safety measures, offering opportunities & resources to ensure and follow harm reduction principles.

Cannabis harm reduction malta
Cannabis harm reduction malta